Wine Tasting @ Bodega Bellaire - 6/25/22

Wine Tasting at Bodega Bellaire in Houston, TX

Getting Natural

Our next wine tasting will be on June 25th…we are fortunate in Houston to have an incredible low intervention wine bar/shop in Light Years Wines. Located on W. Alabama over by the Menil, they have a killer eye for incredible wines from Europe and the New World. In addition to the bar/shop, they also distribute wine and we have more than a few options from Light Years on our shelves here at the Bodega!

We will have Steve Buechner of Light Years join us to sample some of his (and our) favorite wine finds…If you are new to the more “Natural” styles of wine, this is your chance to try something new. If you’re a seasoned natural wine lover, come say what's up to Steve! We will also have a cheese tasting curated from the Houston Dairymaids, our CBD Bar and possibly a secret guest…

The event is free but you can also get tickets here:

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