Spring is Sprung at the Bodega

We can't wait! We're going all in...Start Spring...Now!

Spring Is Near!!!

It looks like winter is winding down and it gets us thinking about springtime wine options! Traditionally people start lightening up their wine selections with Rosés, Whites and Sparkling options…we have bumped up our selections in all of these areas and are ready to show them off to you! In addition, we have brought in a few stunning examples of canned wines, perfect for the pool, beach or ballgame… One can of wine is half a bottle of wine! Grab a six pack and a few friends and hit the pool!

Chef Joe’s Bundles

I am starting a rotating bundle program. Mostly based around food, I put together a few initial bundles to make your choices easier. Check them out!

#1-Spicy Seafood Pasta!

We’re making dinner easier for you tonight…All the ingredients and a recipe to make a delicious, spicy seafood pasta! Sfoglini Pasta, Bottarga Sauce, Scout Mussel Conserva and Salsa Machis come together to create a wonderful (and fiery) pasta dish. We paired it with the Onda Brava Cinsault…a match made in heaven.

#2-Cheese of the Moment!

A perfect little cheese tasting of one of our favorites at the moment, C’mon Berto is a Texas made Camembert, we’ve paired it with Sqirl Jam, Torta de Aciete and a bottle of Brand Reisling.

An inspired combination, we are excited about this one.

#3-Pool Party

We mentioned the canned wines above and this last combo is all about a chef's day off with friends. In Pool Party!, you get 6 cans of wine, which is equal to 3 bottles of wine…

2 Pink Salt/2 Waves Wine Red/2 Tendu Rosé plus we threw a few D8 gummies with everything to help ensure maximum relaxation. Just don’t get sunburned!

Keep an eye out for changing bundles as we play around with options!

Spring has Sprung Wine Tasting March 26th

We’ve got a fun wine tasting lined up for March! We will be joined by Vintures Wines this time, sampling some springtime goodness!

Mike McCorkle (the unicycle artist) will grace us with his presence to talk about his artwork and book.

Plus, Momma’s Tamales will be sampling her incredible products and have hot tamales for sale! (is there anything better than her green sauce with brisket tamales?)

And last but not least we will have a CBD beverage sampling going on, Recess, Vybes, Unity and more will be available for you to try!

Come join us from 1-4pm on Saturday March 26th!

Bodega Bellaire Wine Crush Wine Club

The March wine club is all in and closed off! We have some really cool bottles going out for this round of our wine club! Hard to find, unique wines that will definitely scratch that wine itch...Sign up today for our April drop!! www.bodegabellaire.com


We are rarin’ to go! Let us bring the Wine and Goods to you! We offer same day delivery to Bellaire and the surrounding areas…hit this link to place your order: https://www.bodegabellaire.com/online-store

Magnol Baking on Saturdays

We have been bringing in the best bread and croissants in the city of Houston on Saturdays…Magnol Bakery is world class and we are super fans! We are proud to be able to bring Bellaire the best. Come by and grab a Baguette & Croissant, some cheese and a bottle…go to the park and imagine you are in Paris…but hurry, we have limited supplies every week!

Plant It Forward Farm Shares

In addition to having the best wine selection in Bellaire, we have become a pickup point for Plant It Forward Farms. On March 8th 2022 we started having weekly Plant It Forward Farm Share drops at the Bodega. A wonderful organization that we are happy to work with, I relied heavily on them when I was a chef. Incredible restaurant quality local produce, delivered weekly to Bodega Bellaire! Scan QR below or swing by to get more info and sign up! Don’t you want the best?

Rules for Wine Drinking

Nope, we don’t subscribe to that notion…not exactly.

Wine should be fun, not regimented and stuffy! When we were planning on opening this shop we wanted to create a space where people would feel comfortable not knowing everything about wine or even what kind of wine they like…Too many times in too many cities, we have walked into wine shops only to have awkward interactions with highbrow, oneophilic, wine snobs. What we are all about is the new vanguard of neighborhood wine shops that are easy going, humble and down to earth. We don’t claim to know everything but we know a few things…but more importantly, we know what we don’t know and are ready to learn right alongside our guests in the shop. We are in love with this thing, wine…if you look at the origins of your bottle of wine, the fields, the farmhands, the processes involved, you can see that wine does not come from a stuffy, high brow place…it begins in the earth. It doesn’t get too much more humble than that.

Modern wine enjoyment

Marissa Ross and Adam Vourvoulis-Wine Writers

Martha Stoumen - Wine Maker

Matthew Rorick-Winemaker

The Forlorn Hope Crew

Action Bronson and Clovis (American Rapper and French Wine Shaman)

Andre Mack-Sommelier for Bon Appetit

Isabelle Legeron-Natural Wine Expert (with action Bronson)

Albert Domingo of Celler Tuets

Bodega Bellaire’s Rules for Enjoying Wine

  1. Head to the Bodega and grab a bottle or two

  2. Open bottle as best you can

  3. Pour into the most suitable vessel for you

  4. Drink wine mindfully

  5. Have fun

  6. Recycle the bottle when finished

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water” - Galileo

See ya soon!!!

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