Liquid Summer Sunshine

Summer is too short to drink bad wine...

As some of you have noticed, we love canned wine. It used to be that canned wine was relegated to cheap wine...and quite honestly the packaging left an aluminum taste on your palate. It was bad. Those days are gone as the modern advances in packaging have made it feasible to put the good stuff in convenient formats. What you see above you is Las Jaras-Waves wines. A project of Eric Wareheim and Joel Burt, they make modern wines for modern consumers...their offerings range from serious reds, to easy drinking, porch pounders like Waves Wine.

Check out Las Jaras here:

We currently have the red, rose and white Waves Wines available for all your summer activities! Plus, we have a great selection of other reputable canned wines available as well. Don't let your summer be a bummer...take the good stuff with you!

Texas Wine Tasting May 21st 1-4pm

Texas wines get a bad rap and there is some really bad wine from Texas, to be sure. Did you know Texas has been producing wine since 1650? Yep, one of the first Texas wineries was set up by Spanish Missionaries in El Paso...that means Texas has been producing wine longer than California!

"Texas is one of the oldest wine growing states in the US with vines planted here more than a hundred years before they were planted in California or Virginia. In the 1650s, Franciscan priest Father Garcia de San Francisco y Zǘñiga, the founder of El Paso, planted Mission vines in West Texas for the production of sacramental wine. The horticulturist Thomas Munson used Texas vines to create hundreds of hybrid grapes and conducted significant research in finding root stock immune to the Phylloxera epidemic, which saved the French wine industry from total ruin. The advent of Prohibition in the United States virtually eliminated Texas' wine industry, which didn't experience a revival until the 1970s, beginning with the founding of Llano Estacado and Pheasant Ridge wineries in the Texas High Plains appellation near Lubbock and the La Buena Vida winery in Springtown."

And just like the rest of the world the Texas wine industry is seeing the younger generations make their mark on the wine output of Texas. William Chris, Southold, Alta Marfa, Austin Winery...they are all putting out great vintages that reflect not only their own independent spirit but a unique take on Texas wine culture.

Join us on Saturday, May 21st to try some great Texas Vino! We will feature William Chris, The Grower Project and Yes We Can!

Memorial Day is May 30th!!!

A day of remembrance for those who died while serving our country. Also, a day of being with family and friends. Lighting up the grill and spending time outdoors...

You can count on a grill getting fired up so I thought I would put a guide together on what to pair with all the grilled foods you are whipping up!

Hot Dogs: Southold - Don't Forget to Soar

Southold's Gruner Vetliner blend which great acidity in the finish to work with both the salty elements in the hot dog. Its citrus notes pair well with relish or sauerkraut and its vegetal notes bring something extra to the flavors of the dog itself.

Burgers: Luigi Giardino- Barbera d'Alba

From the Piedmont region, with rich cherry and black currant flavors, high acidity, and low tannin content that would work well with the charred flavors and basic toppings of a burger.

Ribeye Steak: La Clarine Farm - Zinfandel

Lightly extracted and brimming with fresh fruit and acidity, this Zin is perfect for palate cleansing while eating the well marbled ribeye cut. The wine comes from the Sierra Foothill AVA and has great minerality as well.

BBQ Pork Ribs: Vinca Minor - Mendocino Light Red

A beautiful co-ferment of red and white varietals, Vinca Minor hit the nail on the head for incredible summer juice. All the brightness and acidity to cut the fat from the ribs with the structure of a red wine to back it all up. Killer!

BBQ Chicken: Day Wines-Dazzle of Light

This is a Chardonnay based blend from Oregon producer Brianne Day, perfect for BBQ Chicken, it has the medium body of a chardonnay with great brightness to get through the BBQ sauce!

Grilled Tofu: Subject to Change - Chill Pill

Tofu can be kind of boring unless you dress it up. Chill Pill is a skin contact Chenin Blanc that is complex and refreshing that will hold up to however you dress your soybean curd up!

The most important pairing is to drink whatever you feel like! It's just that easy!

Just make sure you tend your grill!!!

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