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Being a Bodega, we carry all sorts of products…we are known for our CBD selection and non alcoholic beverages in addition to the great selections of wine that we carry. We touched on CBD in a previous blog post but what I didn’t spell out is that CBD is considered an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens started trending in the US around 5 or 6 years ago but they have been used for centuries, probably even longer…But, what is an Adaptogen, you ask?

Adaptogens are far from an American health fad. They have been used to treat a variety of ailments over several millennia, particularly in parts of Asia and India.

Adaptogens are plant substances (often herbs) that have been found to help our bodies manage stress and maintain balance, or homeostasis. In other words, they help us adapt to external stressors. By strengthening our internal systems, adaptogens can promote vitality, stabilize mood and improve performance and focus. Adaptogens are meant to help our bodies build resilience to stress and mitigate its further affects on the body. They are not a cure, and they may not work in extreme or immediate cases of anxiety or depression. Further, adaptogens work best in addition to a foundation of a balanced diet and adequate hydration.

At Bodega Bellaire, we carry a variety of functional foods and beverages, that meaning, foods and beverages that have adaptogenic, health promoting qualities. Some examples include:

Recess- a flavored sparkling water that includes CBD, Ginseng, L-Theanine and Lemon Balm

Unity- a lemonade like beverage that has CBD, Ashwaganda, Ginkgo Biloba and Rhodiola

Kin Euphorics Spritzer- A cocktail like beverage that has GABA, L-Theanine, 5-htp and Rhodiola

Potli Shrimp Chips - Literally the best shrimp chips with Mala Spices and Delta 8 THC

Phasey Sex Chocolate - libido boosting chocolate made with Shatavari

While adaptogens are not a cure all by any means, they can add a much needed balance to the stresses of modern life. Each adaptogen has a different effect on the body, so the choice of which one to take will depend on the result you seek. For example, if you’re both frazzled and fried, ashwaganda might be the ticket to both energize and relax you. You can use adaptogens for a few days or weeks to get through a busy time at work. Or take them for a stretch of chronic chaos, when life just keeps handing it to you. We recommend rotating the type of adaptogen you’re using after six weeks, though, so that your body can benefit from the subtle differences among herbs.

At Bodega Bellaire, we are a purveyor of all things that can help you relax, unwind and uplift your mood. Wine is the obvious go to for loosening up but also, really great foods, incredible candles and incense, great soaps and washes (nothing better than a hot shower, right?) and of course our CBD program and all of the functional foods and beverages we carry. So stop on by and get functional with us!

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