Free Wine Tasting @ Bodega Bellaire - 8/20/22

Updated: Aug 17

Wine Tasting at Bodega Bellaire in Houston, TX

Join us on August 20th from 1-4pm for our next wine tasting. We will host

US Naturals from Austin, Texas! They will showcase Soto Vino who are making waves in the Texas wine scene and Tarpon Cellars out of Napa California plus a whole bunch more!


Our CBD Bar where you can sample the latest in functional beverages. and a Houston Dairymaids Cheese tasting!

Plus we will be joined by Yoga Six Meyerland for a wine raffle!


If you find some wine you like at the event that you'd like to purchase ask about the special $5 off!

You can get FREE tickets at: Eventbrite

OR Facebook

As always our wine tasting are free for all , come on out and try the good stuff!

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