Bodega Bellaire is first and foremost, a wine shop. Our vision was always to create a fun, accessible space to find new wines and revisit favorite varietals. Within that framework we wanted to expand on the bodega aspect by offering a variety of different goods. Gourmet foods, Non alcoholic beverages, local artisan wares, a little bit of everything...including CBD products.

I have always been on the fence about CBD, what is it used for? Does it even work or is it one big placebo effect? Is it just the novelty of using a hemp product?

And then, I hurt my back working in the kitchen as a chef during a mad but typical holiday rush at the restaurant, I tried to move a dunnage rack that was too heavy (even after unloading over half of its contents) and I felt a pop in my back. It didn’t hurt but it was evident I did some sort of damage. Ultimately the pain reared its head and I was diagnosed with a herniated disk between my L4 & L5 vertebrae. Being a chef, I was on my feet for 12 hours a day, easily. Now, I was living in pain and it sucked. CBD came in when I got home. I would use Topikal Emu CBD Salve, a TENS machine and heating pad. In about 30 minutes I would be pain free...I would apply the salve throughout the day to help with the pain as well. Unfortunately, nothing could completely help me when I was on my feet all day. Ultimately, I left the kitchen to open Bodega Bellaire and this gave me time to heal. While I am not 100% where I used to be, I am feeling way better and CBD helped me along the way.

While we never wanted to be pegged as a CBD shop, it was definitely mentioned in our press write ups. We have had more than a few people come in inquiring about our CBD offerings. Some that have trouble sleeping, some that are in pain, some that are looking to relax… One person came in after a doctor appointment burdened with the news that his doctor was going to increase his hydrocodone dosage. He wasn’t happy and was looking for alternatives. I felt so bad for him but we are not doctors and would be remiss to “prescribe” something to someone. We suggest that people explore CBD and find out for themselves the best way to use it. That being said, we have a variety of CBD products. Topikal Vapes, Topikal Emu Salve, Texian CBD tinctures, Texian CBD Coffee, Texian D9/CBD/CBC tincture, D8 Vapes, D8 Snacks, Phasey CBD chocolate (for period relief), Vybes CBD beverages, Recess Beverages...the list goes on. Heck, we even have CBD for your pets (A Balanced Choice).

After the 2018 Farm Bill was passed it opened up a whole new market of hemp based products. You can now find CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, Delta 8, Delta 10 and the list goes on...there are hundreds of different cannabinoids in the hemp plant and we are just starting to tap into them as the hemp world unfolds. This of course means different ways and means of relief for people that need it, which we are happy to provide to our guests at Bodega Bellaire all within the letter of the most current hemp laws in Texas. Gone are the days of dopey Cheech and Chong pothead vibes, modern hemp products are well designed with clean, modern lines. The packaging discreet and well thought out. And of course the products themselves clean and pure. We work with the best in the business and stand behind the purity and potency of our offerings. Come on in and let's talk hemp!!!

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