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When we opened Bodega Bellaire, we were chock full of optimism and ideas, after all, we were starting a new journey into a world we have come to love. Our concept from the beginning was always to be a modern outpost for all things wine, food and art. A little secret...we originally intended to open our concept in New Mexico...maybe Santa Fe or Albuquerque, but Covid put the kibosh on that. We regrouped and looked for an area in Houston where we might be able to open a shop. Somewhere where the demographics lined up with our ideal customer, an area of town that is ripe for development, possibly just outside 610...Bellaire just made sense.

We've been here for five months and we feel it's time to shift gears. At the beginning we cast a wide net, trying to get all sorts of folks in for many different reasons. Gifts, Art, CBD, Gourmet food and we even sold some wine! Well, we are tightening that net, instead of trying to catch the whole ocean we are focusing in and aim to appeal to the sorts of folks who "get it". Bodega Bellaire has always been about the wine and now more than ever it is...

What Bodega Bellaire specializes in is Small Production, Low Intervention wines. Some people call this "natural" wine...we don't like that descriptor, its use is misleading. We seek out wines that are organically or biodynamically chemicals were used in the field (who wants Roundup Weed Killer in their glass?) and the wine making process is low intervention. Basically, very little was used in the wine making process outside of grapes & time. You can taste the difference in each glass and in fact when you taste a conventional wine after drinking low intervention for a while, it's quite shocking! There are up to 70 additives American winemakers can use in production...70! How American!

I cannot see the logic in this, all you need is grapes to make wine...humans have been making wine for millennia.

I had the misfortune to taste The Prisoner red blend recently, it was my own fault...I was curious. It was horrible! High Alcohol, Over extracted, Chemical laden trash...Here's the thing, The Prisoner is rated very high, why...I'm not sure. But it speaks to the culture of wine drinkers who rely on ratings systems to inform them on what to buy and enjoy (I guess). These are people just following the herd...

And to some degree it is the wine industry itself, the inability to advance past outdated wine tropes for their marketing that, to be honest, just doesn't land well with the younger generations. Boomers, sure...but there is Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z has entered the picture. That is why we refer to our selections as "modern wines for modern people" These generations are modern people (gen x just making the cut, lol) and we feel like the people behind the wines we carry represent us. They are our age, grew up in the same time periods and they are curious, passionate people who are making wine out of love for the craftsmanship. They are small, intimate vineyards, all around the world. They take the lessons of the winemakers before them and utilize them to the fullest degree with incredible results. They aren't afraid to experiment or bring something to the market that is challenging, sometimes polarizing. They definitely DO NOT follow the herd of conventional winemakers and instead of "stepping in shit" they are likely to use it as fertilizer in their biodynamic vineyards. At Bodega Bellaire, we carry Modern Wines for Modern People!

Mothers Day is Sunday! (and we will be closed)

Come by on Saturday and we can set you up with some great juice for your mom...after all, she deserves it right? From Champagne to Rosé to Light Chillable Reds and even exquisite Cabs. We've got you covered! Show mom you care with wine that won't make her feel horrible...low intervention wine!

Moody Tongue Beer Tasting

Huge fan of Moody Tongue beer! I came to know them when I was a chef for their expertly crafted brews prepared with a culinary mindset. Precise flavor profiles and perfect iterations of the different styles they make. It is no wonder that Moody Tongue has TWO MICHELIN STARS! FTW?!? Not only do they make incredible beer, they have an onsite tasting menu dining room that is incredibly high caliber. Personally, I've never seen that level of execution at another brewery.

And while the brewery might be located in Chicago, the CEO, Jeremy Cohn is from Bellaire proper and a Bellaire High graduate. Join us as we explore their offerings on Thursday May 12th form 5-7pm! Stay Loyal to Local!

Texas Wine Tasting!

On Saturday May 21st from 1-4pm we will host William Chris Vineyards for our next wine tasting! We have been big fans of William Chris Wines for a while now and they were one of the first Texas wineries we grew to love. Of course, this event is free to all and we plan to have a host of other things going on as well! Come join us for Texas Wines and good times!

Wonder Water Trending

What started as plain curiosity has blown up! We can barely keep this stuff in stock and y'all seem to be loving it! Wonder Water is made by 8th Wonder Brewery here in Houston and they get the active ingredients from Bayou City Hemp, another local venture. These Herbal Seltzers are great! The CBD is mild and relaxing and the

Delta 8 is slightly psychoactive but very mellow. These are great alternatives if you aren't in the mood to drink alcohol but want to wind down and after all, why shouldn't you? It's totally legal in the eyes of Texas! Come by and grab a sixer today!


Wine has a certain je ne sais quoi...Oui?

It's ok to make fun of ourselves, we've got thick skin...kinda like petit sirah grapes.

Much Texas, WOW

Shout out to our boy Cody the dream!

Where orange wine comes from.

We've all been there, it's ok to use your words.


That's Amoré!

AKA - The Prisoner Red Blend

Everything is ok in moderation...

I can haz both?

Expect a lot of class on May 21st from 1-4

You probably drank conventional wine.

That's all for now folks! We hope to see you soon!

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