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There is not such a thing as "modern wine" I is older than Jesus, even as old as the Egyptians...Humans have been making wine for millennia. The process is mostly the same, especially with smaller production wines. It's the mindset that is changing I suppose...for so long wine was stuffy, exclusive and with a lot of gatekeeping going on. Modern wine is not cutting edge, it still relies on ancient knowledge with a few more recent advances thrown in there. What makes wine "modern" for us at Bodega Bellaire is the inclusive mindset and youthful energy seeping into the wine world. The kids are alright and they are making incredible wines...Just look at California and the crop of young winemakers graduating from UC DAVIS with viticulture and enology degrees, they are the modernist vanguard for American winemakers. (I know, I know...there are so many more) But the point is that most of these young winemakers are producing wine mindfully, not destroying the land or environment, bottling with minimal intervention and bottling the juice up in fun, appealing packaging. The wine world is experiencing a sea change...and it's for the better. More mindful, more ethical, more inclusive, more sustainable and damn delicious!

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Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

As the weather begins to heat up, our thoughts turn to lighter styles of wine. Sparkling, White Wines, Rosés, Rosato's, glou-glou reds...the good things in life. While we love a full bodied red with all of its complexity and earthy characteristics, the lighter styles of wine are where we prefer to be. we are! We have stocked the shop with some of our classic favorites as well as some new stunners! Check out WAVY WINES below!


"Wavy Wines started as a friendly conversation between Eliot Kessel and Jude Zasadzki while celebrating Eliot’s daughters birthday in 2019. We were drinking natural wines from all over the world trying to fathom how we could start a project that begins to resemble these styles of ‘Vin de Soif’. Easy summer wines was top priority.

After many conversations about where we should start, we came across an affordable source of Pinot Gris from an organic vineyard in Chico, California. It was pretty set in stone we were going to make a skin contact/ramato style of wine. Coupled with a little bit of Chardonnay from Scribe Estate Vineyard we were in business.

With finances being tight we decided to take a chance on making a Piquette from the same grapes. The process to which we got there really marked a pivotal moment in Wavy. We will always recycle our grapes, and that will always change with whatever we source for that year.

Our wine is called "LS GRIS", and it’s a 13 day skin contact wine that was co-fermented together in stainless steel vats. It consists of 80% Pinot Gris and 20% Chardonnay. After the 13 days we drained the tanks and racked the wine into neutral oak and stainless steel barrels. After a few months of settling we bottled unfined, unfiltered and with no added SO2.

The Piquette is named "Calfornia Wine Cooler" and ode to the lower ABV drinks of yesteryear but fully updated and not terrible. After we drained the tanks of free run juice for LS GRIS, we added water on top of the Pinot Gris/Chardonnay solids. We let the co-fermenation continue for a few more days and pressed the grapes. Which extracted a bit more tannin and acid to make the Piquette extremely lively and energetic." ---Both the LS Gris and California Wine Cooler are available at the Bodega for springtime backyard antics!


Canned wine doesn't exactly have the best reputation in the world of oenophiles, but in recent years, the quality of canned wines has improved immensely, to the point where there are now a plethora of ready-to-pop options that are truly delicious. Extremely portable and easy to enjoy in situations where glasses and bottles might not be appropriate, canned wine is a perfect choice to bring to summer picnics, beach trips, to the pool or really anytime you want a no-fuss option to enjoy some vino on the go.

From a standout sparkling to rosé to a red blend that will please even the most sophisticated wine palette, we've rounded up some of the best canned wine varieties to drink now. Come by the Bodega before you hit the pool and we'll get you set up for poolside success!

Da Beers

I've always been a beer drinker...after college, when I moved to Texas, my eyes opened to the possibilities of craft beer (anyone remember Celis in Austin?) While Bodega Bellaire is first and foremost your local bottle shop that specializes in small production wines...we also wanted to have a beer selection that holds up to our wine selection. The first brewer I picked was Moody Tongue! Having a background as a chef I have always been enamored with Moody Tongue...their craftsmanship is spot on and the beers reflect this. Perfectly balanced with nuanced characteristics of the style presented. They seem to approach brewing from a chef's mindset, where all the flavors are in harmony and play well together. It says a lot that the brewery has two Michelin Stars... and probably one of the finest restaurants to grace a brewery in North America. (check their insta for some serious beer & food porn.) But guess of the founders of Moody Tongue is a Bellaire native! Jeremy Cohn, the CEO of Moody Tongue graduated from Bellaire High...and has deep Bellaire roots.

Bodega Bellaire will be hosting a Moody Tongue tasting on May 12th from 5pm-7pm...come by and try some of the most well crafted beers you are likely to experience!


Click on the BYOB picture above and you will be transported to our BYOB guide!

Here you will find a list of some of our favorite BYOB restaurants in the area and being so close to Chinatown and Little India, we have a ton of BYOB restaurants to choose from! We didn't forget our local favorites and you will find options in Bellaire, Meyerland, West U and beyond! Sometimes it pays to BYOB, that way you are the Sommelier and will bring exactly what you feel like drinking to dinner...we are here to help you make a great choice. So make plans to BYOB soon, the ball is in your court! Also, if you have any BYOB recommendations...let us know and we'll add them to the list!

April Wine Tasting!!!

We are having an opening for Rachel Primeaux who does incredible resin may have seen some of her stuff in our shop already. In addition, it's the return of Pangea Wines! Cody Breaz will be sampling the latest wine finds from Pangea. We are bringing back the CBD beverage bar and will have a Houston Dairymaids cheese sampling table. Last and not certainly least, Pat Greer will be present to sample her delicious vegan products...Chef Joe approved!

Come by from 1-4 pm on Saturday, April 30th to check out the goods and sample some stunning wines!

Robert Parker, angrily sniffs his over extracted, high alcohol, tannin bomb...

Robert Parker ratings are obsolete.

Everybody rates everything, it's just a's how we figure out what we like. It's how we express to our friends how much we like something. Ratings are just a fact of life...heck we asked y'all to rate us a few paragraphs above! Robert Parker and his 100 point rating system took over the wine world but unfortunately...“In one sense, Mr. Parker and other like-minded critics planted the seeds of their own obsolescence. The 100-point scale and the vocabulary of tasting notes — those brief wine descriptions that break down what’s in the glass to a series of aromas and flavors — are meaningful only until people start to develop a sense of their own taste. Wine-lovers discovered that these were merely intermediate tools, and that with confidence and ease comes a curiosity that goes beyond what’s in the glass.”

-Eric Asimov NYT

I really feel that quote, I can remember looking at bottles, say at Specs or the grocery store and trying to find high rated wines...that's just how you start out. And really, it's like that with a lot of hobbies or interests. You have to start somewhere...I can say without a doubt that in a lot of ways the wine world wouldn't be where it is today without Parker's influence. But you know the logical progression is that you start to look elsewhere for wine knowledge and info. You start tasting and experiencing wines with a different outlook.

I can say with no uncertainty the turning point for me was in 2010ish I had the pleasure of sampling Scholium Wines "A Prince In His Caves" and that was it, I wanted little to do with the wines I knew and became laser focused on this new style and idea of wine that I had last quote and then I'm signing off!

“Curiosity, especially intellectual inquisitiveness, is what separates the truly alive from those who are merely going through the motions.” - Tom Robbins

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