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Whoa! It’s October already!

Time flies when you’re having fun…Now is when we look towards the Holidays and of course what your beverage of choice is going to be! Plus, we have a couple of great events coming up that you need to mark on your calendars…We talk about Non Alcoholic options for the season and lastly, we get into how the Bodega can make your holidays easier.

Holiday Juice!

Picking out the perfect bottle for holiday meals can be somewhat daunting, not everyone likes the same thing, some folks don’t drink and of course, we want to make sure everyone is happy! Check out the following guide to classic wine parings for the holidays:

Thanksgiving Wine

There are basically 4 fundamental components that go into a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

-Protein usually Turkey

-Dry spices including cinnamon and clove

-Roasted dishes anything that’s prepared in the oven

-Winter Fruits & Vegetables including potato, onion, cranberry, squash and brussel sprouts

When you add all four elements together, you start to realize each food eliminates several wines. For instance, a white wine won’t pair with roasted foods as well as say, a Rosé wine or a Red wine. Additionally, turkey pretty much eliminates a full-bodied red wine because of its more subtle flavor. If you want a wine that pairs well with exotic spices or baking spices, it’s great to seek out wines with similar tasting nuances. For example, many Barbera wines have nuances of nutmeg, vanilla and anise.

Selected Thanksgiving Wines

Keep your eyes peeled for the following wines, perfect with a classic Thanksgiving dinner.

$ Barbera Will do very well with meals that include meats other than turkey such as roast beef, venison and roasted pork. Learn about Barbera wine

$ Gamay Will pair perfectly with turkey, chicken or other lighter proteins. An ideal wine with cream and cheese-based dishes. Look for Cru Beaujolais

$ Zinfandel or Primitivo Will pair perfectly with turkey and spiced cranberry sauce or other dishes with dry spices. Find out what regions make the best Zinfandel

$ Lambrusco Will pair awesome with turkey. Slightly sweet Lambrusco will hold up to sweet side dishes such as yams or the saccharine American classic: sweet potato marshmallow casserole

$$ Pinot Noir Will pair perfectly with turkey, chicken or other lighter proteins. An ideal wine with cream and cheese-based dishes. Read up on Pinot Noir

$$S Châteauneuf du Pape Will pair nicely with turkey and ham. Will work wonderfully with roasted root vegetables. Learn about wines from Côtes du Rhône

$$$S Amarone Will pair nicely with turkey and ham. Amarone works great with dry spices like cinnamon and clove and dishes with inherent sweetness. Learn more about Amarone wines

Christmas Wine

There are several classic dishes served at Christmas including:



-Roast Beef

-Winter Vegetables and roasted sides including gratin and casserole

Since Christmas has several traditional variations, make your wine match the main protein dish.

Selected Christmas Wines

Wine with Roast Beef

$ Carmenere A medium-bodied Chilean wine with herbaceous qualities similar in style to Cabernet Franc

$ Nero d’Avola A full-bodied Sicilian wine that is often compared to Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

$ Cabernet Franc An herbaceous medium-bodied red wine probably more famous for the regions that produce it such as Chinon in Loire Valley, France.

$$ Aglianico A high tannin bold red wine from Southern Italy that’s very savory and herbaceous.

$$ Tempranillo check out the awesome Spanish wine value region called Ribera del Duero

$$ Sangiovese is known by many regional names, when in doubt, grab a Chianti!

$$ Merlot Blends An outstanding alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon (and usually quite a few bucks cheaper) is Merlot. This a great opportunity to seek out a 7+ year old Bordeaux Superieur

$$ Cabernet Sauvignon Blends For value, look into the 2010 vintage in Argentina and Chile for some excellent Cabernet-based blends with either Carmenere (in Chile) or Malbec (in Argentina)

Wine with Ham

$$ Grenache or Garnacha Grenache has the fruitiness to stand up to inherently sweet ham. Many American producers are making outstanding Grenache in Paso Robles

$$ Côtes du Rhône Blends This wine is actually a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Seek out the 2010 vintage.

Champagne for New Years

Well, if you haven’t already blown your entire month’s salary on Thanksgiving and Christmas, then there’s one more holiday beckoning. Ack! The Champagne region has been marketing its wines as a celebratory beverage since the 1890’s. The entry price of Champagne is closer to $40 (for bottom rung bottle bubbly). Expect to spend closer to $60 for good Champagne.

Let’s take a look at several types of bubbly, all made in the classic style:

$ Cava Most Cava are dry and fruity. You won’t find a lot of brioche or butter in these wines, but you will find them to be refreshingly cheerful. Check out several great brands of Cava.

$ Crémant Crémant is the name for sparkling wine from all the other French wine regions (excluding Champagne). Crémant de Limoux in the Languedoc-Roussillon offers several zesty 100% Chardonnay (aka ‘Blanc des Blancs’) and the Alsace region makes a crémant rosé that, by law, must be 100% Pinot Noir. These two wines offer incredible alternatives to Champagne.

$$ Metodo Classico If you need a little buttery, nutty brioche in your Champagne flute, check out Italian bubbles (and I’m not talking about Prosecco). ‘Metodo Classico’ are made in the same way as Champagne and can be found predominantly in Northern Italy. wine options.

$$$ Champagne If you’re ready to commit to Champagne then go with Grower Champagne!

“Grower Champagne” generally refers to wines from the Champagne region of France that are made and bottled by the same person who grew the grapes. This is different from wines produced by Champagne houses — think Veuve Clicquot or Pol Roger — which typically (but not always!) blend together grapes grown by dozens, or sometimes even hundreds, of individual grape growers from across the region.

October Wine Tasting

Join us on Saturday, October 15th from 1-4 pm when Bodega Bellaire will host the “Fall Into Autumn Wine Tasting” featuring our favorite wine people, Pangea Selections. Be prepared to taste some incredible wines that are perfect for the incoming fall and holiday season! We will also have our CBD bar setup as well as our Dairymaids cheese tasting station in effect. Plus, we are delighted to be joined by Counter Common Beerworks, Bellaire’s first brewpub! As always, our tastings are free to all and a great time! This is an event not to be missed!

Bodega Bellaire Presents:

The One Year Anniversary/Holiday Wine Tasting/Fundraiser

Join us on November 5th, from Noon until 5pm to celebrate one year of business for Bodega Bellaire!

We will host a holiday wine tasting, featuring over 25 bottles, to give you a chance to stock up the good stuff for the holiday season! Featuring David Mayfield Selections, US Natural Wine, Rootstock and William Chris Wines.

We will also have a number of food tasting opportunities with Tamales, A Dairymaids Cheese Tasting, a Local Bakery and local restaurants.

We will have a Non Alcoholic Beverage sampling station featuring Hemp Beverages, Functional Beverages and great N/A Wine and Beer Options.

Most importantly, we are donating a portion of our sales that weekend to the Houston Food Bank! We will give 10% of our sales from the weekend of November 4th-6th to the Houston Food Bank in addition to the proceeds from our Wine Raffle!

Alcohol Free Options…

We all have friends and family in our lives that abstain from drinking alcohol. No matter the reason, it always shows you were thinking of them when you provide something to drink that goes beyond sparkling water and Martinelli’s. Check out a few of the options available at the Bodega:

> Recess- an antidote to modern times

“we all have too many tabs open in our browsers and in our brains. that’s why we made Recess: to create a moment in your day where you can actually think about the things that matter”

Recess is a hemp based beverage that combined with adaptogens like ginseng and lemon balm creates a feeling of chill. It is also available with Magnesium instead of CBD.

>Kin Euphorics-Kin Euphorics is a new category of beverage: uniquely non-alcoholic, adaptogenic drinks that balance the body’s response to stress, boost brain power, and lighten the mood. We’re a daily ritual for modern times, holding the keys to new flow states that let you unlock a world of deeper connections and more meaningful moments.

>8th Wonder - Wonder Water Non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, reverse-osmosis sparkling water infused with 10mg of nano-emulsified, hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. That's a mouthful, but you can expect a bright and refreshing herbal seltzer with hints of lime citrus, a subtle herbaceousness, and good vibes ahead. Available in CBD also

>Casamara Club - Casamara Club in Detroit bases its sodas after Italian aperitivo and digestivo, which means—as an amaro lover—I’m already on board, drawn in by the unique flavors from roots, fruits, barks, leaves, and vegetables that are infused. They come in four varieties, but my favorite is the Capo, a minty, citrusy, bright, palate-cleansing soda that conjures fantasies of lavish skiing vacations in the Italian Alps. It is an absolute stunner and my refreshing afternoon drink of choice this fall.

>Einbecker alkoholfrei beer - blows the domestics away with its crisp, German Pilsner style.

>Zero Zero - alcohol free white grenache from Spain. Made from fully matured wine that had the alcohol extracted…we were floored when we first learned to was zero alcohol, it drinks just like a full fledged white wine!

We have a few other options not mentioned here as well, come by and we will walk you through them!

The Bodega makes the holidays easy!

The Holiday season is hectic as it is, we can help out in a variety of ways!

Check out what we’re offering this season:

Wine Club - Our monthly wine club, featuring hard to find bottles, seasonally appropriate and always delicious.

Bodega Delivery - We know you’re busy, place an order online and we’ll bring it to you!

Wine Tastings - We throw the best free monthly in store events.

Wine Education/tasting - whether in store, at your house or even in an office setting. We can host your wine tasting event with an upbeat, down to earth wine education session.

Beverage Catering - Having a party? We can help you curate the perfect beverage selection and deliver it for you!

Gift Baskets - give the gift of wine, delivered! We’ll help you put together the perfect basket and deliver it for you! (within city limits)

Gift cards - great for giving to your friend and family

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