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Natural Wines...

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We love talking about our passion, incredible wines from around the world! Even more, we love to help folks gain an appreciation and understanding of the sometimes intimidating variety of wine available. From your favorite grocery store, local market (hopefully Bodega Bellaire!) to dining out and enjoying wine…it doesn’t have to be complicated, with just a few pointers you’ll be drinking like a pro! 


Bodega Bellaire offers wine training for the individual putting a tasting on with friends, to team building and corporate events…we are up for anything! 

We can put on tastings at the location of your choosing, whether it be at home for a dinner party, at the office for some team building or even at our shop (certain days apply)


Check out some of the tastings we offer!

Intro into wine knowledge: 45$ per person:

Just dipping your toes into the wine world? Let us help get you up to speed! We’ll go over well known varietals, regions and styles. As well as how to talk about wine…(free tip, there is no “right way” to describe what you’re drinking!)

Little Italy: 45$ per person:

We explore the regions and wines of Italy. A crash course starting from the top to the bottom of the boot! 

Je veux boire du vin: 45$ per person:

All about France, we’ll talk about the greatest hits and the reason why most french wine is made from Californian Vines! Bring your beret! 

California Love: 50$ per person:

We’ll start in sunny SoCal and wind up in the North Coast as we make our way through the esteemed California AVA’s

Hipster Juice: 50$ per person:

We will dive into the modern reanimation of “natural wines” and talk about the regions and producers that are taking the lead in this area of the wine world. 

Would you like some cheese with your wine?: 60$ per person:

We will procure the finest cheeses from the Houston Dairymaids and pair them with incredible wines to make a knockout taste experience! Riesling and Raclette anyone?


We can also customize tastings or provide wine pairings for you…Pricing Varies

We love putting together innovative wine pairing ideas for events and private dinners. We can suit any need, have your event planner or host contact us for details!